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*Actual colour maybe
different from website
  crystal   jet ab   black diamond ab   light peach ab   rose ab   fuchsia ab  
  Golden Peach   Sakura   Salmon   Golden Salmon   Magenta   Flame  
  hyacinth ab   light siam ab   siam ab   olivine ab   peridot ab   emerald ab  
  Phoenix   Scalet   Crimson   Cuprite   Golden Shadow   Zinc Yellow  
  jonquil ab   light amber ab   golden amber ab   tea ab   amber   tea ab  
  Rusty Gold   Ochre   Dark Bronze   Malachite   Chameleon   Crocodile  
  aquamarine ab   light sapphire ab   sapphire ab   montana ab   light amethyst ab   amethyst ab  
  Lime   Shimmery Scale   Ocean Blue   Blue Jay   Chrome Blue   Azurite  
  lavender ab   iris ab   hematite   hematite
  hematite   hematite  
  Midnight   Thistle   Dream   Galaxy   Rusty Iron   Fantasy  
  hematite   hematite                  
  Afterglow   Moss                  
  Slightly variance in shades are unavoidable
  Could stand for general process of weiding and plating
  Lead free stones (below 90 ppm) are available for some colours
    Please contact our sales representative for details
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